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About Emily of London, we are and about our clothing brand.

About Emily Of London

Emily of London was founded in London by Nuha Naom, who is the owner and fashion designer. The brand offers the sense of uniqueness style for kid’s collection as princess dresses for girls with the aged of 4 – 12.
Our fabrics are made by highly qualified technologists who are stationed in the UK. Also, its design is magic, which it provokes, what obsesses you with comfort and safety of the materials from which it is made. All the dresses are made in UK, following the European Product safety for Children Clothing, M/309 2005, by using soft materials, and all the inside stitching covered by piping making our clothing comfortable for children to wear. The kids’ collection provides freedom of performances for children as individual talents and highlights their creative nature.
Furthermore, the brand gives the small customer confidence and self-esteem, sunny smiles and colour mood.
That is why being with Emily of London is not only prestigious, but also a pleasure and an opportunity to touch a perfect genius of great designers who have a strong personality and each carries its own creative source, approaching to the challenge with high innovation.


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